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Welcome to the Shapeshifters story WikiEdit

Soooo...this is one of my fture projects.

The ShapeShiftersEdit

The story is about 3 sisters and their mother.8 years ago Dakota,Darkness and Danesme were taken away from Jackson Brownlee,because they were no ordinary children.Every summer they spend in a house in the country to practise their powers.Dakota starts liking Jackson as more than a friend,while he`s dating her bestie Tessa.Meanwhile Darkness and Jacian are trying to have a great love relationship.Danesme`s trying to find new friends and Sheila is trying to convince her dad Jackson to let her in preschool,instead of going to 1st grade.

Latest activityEdit

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Danesme as wolf

Danesme`s wolf form (i do not own the picture

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